Saturday, April 22, 2017

Intelligence Agencies Warn Of Riots After Sunday's French Presidential Elections

A photo illustration shows a French voter card in front of pictures of the candidates for the French presidential election, April 22, 2017. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol/Illustration

The Telegraph: Presidential election could lead to rioting in French cities, intelligence agencies warn

Riots could break out in cities across France after results are announced of the first round of the presidential election, intelligence services have warned, as the most unpredictable vote in decades goes ahead amid a heightened terror alert.

Trouble is almost certain if the far-Right leader Marine Le Pen and her far-Left counterpart Jean-Luc-Mélenchon are the two candidates who make it through to the second and final round on May 7, according to a report issued by French intelligence services.

The confidential document, leaked to Le Parisien newspaper, said that at the top of the list of potential security problems as millions of France cast their ballots was the “jihadist threat.”

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WNU Editor: Everyone is nervous .... and running up the fear seems to always happen in close elections.

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Aizino Smith said...

The French Intel Agencies should be more nervous if that amorous chandelier swinging ape, Hollande remains as leader.

Napoleon the III has nothing on Hollande.

Hollande has very fine generalship of boudoir battles.