Friday, April 21, 2017

Intelligence Chiefs Of The World's Top Spy Agencies Are 'Secretly' Meeting In New Zealand This Weekend

The ski resort of Queenstown in southern New Zealand was the focus of increased air traffic as intelligence chiefs from five nations converged. STEFAN WERMUTH / REUTERS

New Zealand Herald: Revealed: The 'very, very important' people coming to NZ

The highly secretive meeting being held in Queenstown this weekend is a gathering of intelligence and security agencies related to the Five Eyes spying network, the Herald understands.

Among the people believed to be attending are Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompeo.

It is understood about 15 agencies which carry out intelligence for Five Eyes - the spying partnership of the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand - are attending the conference.

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James said...

Boy do these people know how to handle "secret" or what? Hotel managers of Queensland's 5 star hotels under oath not to count their money until every secret person has secretly gone home on their super secret transportation services.

Anonymous said...

Good business for the hookers in town.

James said...

"Good business for the hookers in town." The "Secret Service " is there too!?!? Well silly me, they'd have to be considering they are the "Secret Service".
Heh, that's funny Anon.

Anonymous said...

I remember maybe 2-3 years ago the secret service was in colombia before a visit by Obama.

It was a big scandal that the agents brought up luxury escorts to their hotel rooms. I remember the scandal was made bigger because the escorts were controlled by the cartel.

James said...

I remember too. The rot is deep, very deep.