Sunday, April 2, 2017

Is The Trump Administration Putting A 'Leash" On The Intelligence Community?

The Hill: Trump team wants more raw intel, less analysis from spy agencies: report

Officials have urged the intelligence community to supply President Trump with fewer analysis reports compiled by experts and more raw intelligence, the Associated Press reported Saturday.

Raw intelligence was a larger priority under the former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the report said. He was ousted last month for misleading White House officials about the contents of his discussion with Russia's U.S. ambassador.

Many intelligence experts in the past have raised concerns about the possibility that Trump would want to sidestep data analysts during his presidency.

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Update #1Trump's approach to intel agencies shows anxiety, distrust -- AP
Update #2Trump administration seeks raw data from intelligence community instead of analysis -- International Business Times
Update #3Trump Wants More Control Over Intel Agencies -- Kevin Drum, Mother Jones

WNU Editor: New Presidents always impose their people and agenda on the U.S. intelligence community .... I do not expect President Trump to be any different. The difference is that in the past the intel community accepted these changes, but today .... in view of what is happening .... it is clear that after 8 years of following President Obama, some in the intelligence community do not want to follow President Trump, and are doing everything in their power to stop him.

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