Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lithuania Warns That Russia Could Attack With 24 Hours Notice

FOX News: Russia has forced nations to reshape military strategy, Lithuanian diplomat says

Like much of Europe, Lithuania – one of three Baltic states -- is on alert over growing concerns about Russia and its increasingly brazen military exercises but also the moves that are not as visible: Cyber steps that can take place via a keyboard or a mobile app.

On Monday, Lithuania's intelligence service said in its annual threat assessment that Russia now is capable of attacking the Baltic states with little notice, giving NATO allied forces limited opportunity to respond.

Last year, President Dalia Grybauskaite reintroduced the military draft – which the country suspended in 2008 – attributing it to “the current geopolitical environment.” The new policy calls for the recruitment of some 3,500 men annually.

The concerns in the Baltic States intensified in 2014, when under President Vladimir Putin, Russia annexed Crimea.

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WNU Editor: The Kremlin is not impressed with these Lithuanian concerns .... ‘Hysterical Russophobia’: Moscow blasts Lithuanian report on numerous Russian ‘threats’ (RT). More here .... Kremlin slams Lithuanian secret services’ report as ‘total anti-Russian hysteria’ (TASS).

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Anonymous said...

So what fight back or cry

Aizino Smith said...

USSR/Russia took over the country once in the last 100 years and Putin considers it a crying shame that they are now free.