Friday, April 21, 2017

Lockheed Martin Reveals Their Version Of The 'Next Big Thing' In Army Aviation (Video)

Daily Mail: Lockheed Martin reveals radical superfast 'Raider' Special Operations helicopter with two sets of rotors

* Raider could be used by the US Army, Airforce, Navy and Marine Corps
* Tops speeds at 220 knots, which is double the speed of traditional helicopters
* Also designed to refuel in the air and fly 10,000 feet in 95° F temperatures

It has been deemed ‘the next big thing in Army aviation’.

The S-97 Raider is a light tactical prototype helicopter capable of carrying six troops and external weapons, all while reaching speeds of more than 220 knots.

Based on Sikorsky’s Collier Award-winning X2 Technology, the war machine recently took to the skies to show off its co-axial rotor and push propeller design.

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WNU Editor: Sikorsky and Boeing have their own version of what will be the next generation of military helicopters .... Sikorsky and Boeing Give us a Glimpse of Their New Attack Helicopter Concept (The Drive). But Boeing is having problems .... Defiant's first flight falls behind (Flight Global)

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