Monday, April 3, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 3, 2017

VOA: With Trump Approval, Pentagon Expands Authority Over Battle Decisions

WASHINGTON — Week by week, country by country, the Pentagon is quietly seizing more control over battle decisions, sending hundreds more troops to war with little public debate and seeking greater authority to fight extremists across the Middle East and Africa.

This week it was Somalia, where President Donald Trump gave the U.S. military more authority to conduct offensive airstrikes on al-Qaida-linked militants. Next week it could be Yemen, where military leaders want to provide more help for the United Arab Emirates' battle against Iranian-backed rebels. Key decisions on Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan are looming, from ending troop number limits to loosening rules that guide commanders in the field.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 3, 2017

With Trump Approval, Pentagon Expands Warfighting Authority -- AP

Will US keep military bases in Iraq after IS? -- Al Monitor

Ex-Defense chief Carter: First strike against North Korea should be on the table -- Washington Examiner

U.S., South Korea, Japan target North Korea submarine threats -- UPI

South Korea completes environmental assessment for THAAD -- UPI

Russia launches second Yasen-class submarine -- UPI

Russian Submarine Patrols Match Cold War-era Intensity -- Press

Russia’s most powerful icebreaker to cost over $1 bln -- TASS

Farewell to Arms: Russia's 'alternative' to military service -- TASS

Asia Arms Race Heats Up Over South China Sea -- VOA

China building navy’s biggest amphibious assault vessel, sources say -- South China Morning Post

First China-built carrier on target for April 23 launch -- South China Morning Post

Construction of new Chinese carrier progressing -- UPI

Afghanistan Taliban say they will focus on vulnerable provinces in 2017 -- Stars and Stripes

Disclosure about Indian N-doctrine confirms worst fears -- DAWN

UK to send military trainers to Jordan to help fight IS -- BBC

Airbus faces cash headache, lengthy talks over A400M delays -- Defense News

Hornet, Growler foreign customers to receive data updates -- UPI

Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it's scarcely fit to fly -- The Register

New Black Hawk Variant on the Horizon -- National Defense

Uncharted waters: US Navy still searching for path to a bigger fleet -- Defense News

U.S. Navy launches LRASM missile from Super Hornet -- UPI

Trump makes little headway filling out Pentagon jobs -- The Hill

CIA operations may be disrupted by new Wikileaks' data release -- BBC

SecDef adviser: ’99 percent sure we’ll elevate’ CYBERCOM -- Fifth Domain Cyber

Super SEALs: Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating Technologies --

Hypersonic Attack Drones by 2040? Is China In Front of the US in Developing Hypersonic Weapons? -- Scout Warrior

Next-gen underwater drones near fielding -- Defense News

Drone warfare? Thank Pentagon's mysterious DARPA agency -- Ray Locker , USA TODAY

The Corps could buy a lot of rifles for the price of an F-35B -- Military Times editorial

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