Monday, April 24, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 24, 2017

Dave Majumdar, National Interest: Should the World Fear North Korea's Air Force?

The Korean People's Army Air Force is perhaps the least threatening branch of Pyongyang’s military forces.

However, while technologically backwards and often lacking the level of proficiency of Western air forces (with pilots often receiving fewer than 20 annual flight hours), the KPAAF does have a few strong points. As with many North Korean facilities, most KPAAF air bases are hardened to withstand air attacks and the country has a large number of aircraft available.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 24, 2017

North Korea threatens to sink US aircraft carrier to demonstrate its military might -- The Independent

North Korea 'ready to strike' US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson as it heads for Korean peninsula -- ABC News Online

Pyongyang’s Third Failed Missile Test: What Now? -- Liang Tuang Nah, The Diplomat

South Korea develops missile with flight path-changing capability -- Defense News

China trying to hack South Korea missile defence efforts, researchers claim -- Ars Technica

This is What China's 1st Domestically-Built Aircraft Carrier Means for its Navy -- Sputnik

Congressional Request For Proposal Solicits Expert Report on Chinese Weapons -- Scout Warrior

Global defense spending increases -- DW

Russia Is Deploying Special Anti-Aircraft Missiles to the Arctic -- National Interest

Russia pushes for Iranian membership in NATO counterweight group -- Washington Examiner

WATCH: New F-35 Joint Strike Fighters Touch Down in Israel -- Sputnik

German Intelligence Spying on Interpol Since 2000 -- Sputnik

Belarus plans to deepen dialogue with NATO -- TASS

Russia hacked Danish defense for two years, minister tells newspaper -- Reuters

NATO builds up military forces in Baltic region -- Euronews

Italy's Gentiloni Vows to Meet Trump NATO Spending Demand Slowly -- Bloomberg

U.S., Philippines scale back next month's military drills, no more 'war games' -- Reuters

US counting on French anti-terror ops in Africa: Mattis -- AFP

US Defense Sec'y Mattis in Afghanistan to discuss war needs -- AP

Army looking for experienced soldiers who want to help train foreign forces -- Army Times

The Air Force Is Preparing To Test A Laser Cannon On Its ‘Ultimate Battle Plane’ -- Task & Purpose

Navy Scientists Transform World War II-era Test Tunnel to Develop Laser Weapons -- Sea Power

Navy Increases Restrictions on T-45 Flights After New Cockpit Episode --

The Army is adding the 'Dronebuster' to its set of anti-drone tools -- Army Times

US Defense Secretary Mattis visits strategic Djibouti -- AFP

Trump awards Purple Heart to Army solider injured in Afghanistan -- FOX News

CIA liaison is first casualty of conflict between intelligence agency and Trump -- The Guardian

Palantir No Longer Works For The NSA, CEO Slams Trump In Leaked Video -- SFist

Army Hoping to Entice Doctors to the Battlefield -- Fayetteville Observer

Posting private nude photos is now a crime in the Navy and Marine Corps -- Navy Times

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