Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 4, 2017


David Axe, Daily Beast: Trump’s New Airstrike Rules Targeting Islamic Radicals Could Backfire

The president’s loosening of restrictions on airstrikes against Islamic radicals could set back the U.S. war effort more than it advances it.

At the behest of Defense Secretary James Mattis, President Donald Trump has loosened the rules covering U.S. airstrikes in Somalia—signaling a potential escalation of America’s 16-year-old covert war against militants from al-Shabaab, the al Qaeda-aligned terror group.

But the new, looser rules could backfire. Historically, when the Pentagon tightens up air-raid guidelines, fewer civilians die in accidental or inaccurate strikes. Conversely, relaxing the rules could result in more civilians dying. That could provoke a popular backlash, setting back the U.S. war effort more than any more-user-friendly air-raid procedure advances it.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 4, 2017

Russia Working on Full Implementation of START Deal With US -- Sputnik

South American countries may buy Russian fighter jets -- TASS

Russia’s Airborne Forces to discuss joint drills in Nicaragua -- TASS

China commissions another corvette, launches more frigates -- IHS Jane's 360

Does China’s J-20 rival other stealth fighters? -- CSIS

Turkey indicates Ukrainian preference for Altay tank engine tech -- Defense News

NATO chief urges European nations to boost defense spending -- DW

How Norway is Transforming its Armed Forces -- The Cipher Brief

US, Allies Hold Naval Drills Amid Nuclear Sub Threats From Pyongyang -- Sputnik

US military aid in limbo as Trump welcomes Egyptian president -- Defense News

S. Korea, U.S. reaffirm ironclad alliance against N. Korea -- Yonhap News

Stratcom Chief Presses for Nuke Force Upgrade -- DoD Buzz

Report suggests US offers Lockheed 'multiyear' deal for F-35 joint strike fighter -- CNBC

Navy fighter jets depriving pilots of oxygen -- CNN

In Innovation Push, Navy Brass Look to Repurpose Seabasing Vessels -- Defense Tech

Navy Develops Laser Weapon Prototypes for Destroyers, Cruisers - maybe Carriers -- Scout Warrior

US Navy Buys 17 Advanced Sub-Killer Planes Armed With Flying Torpedoes -- The Diplomat

Trump's Navy buildup -- Jacqueline Klimas, Washington Examiner

Army warns stopgap measure will put 47 programs on hold -- The Hill

Will DARPA Get Its Cylons Back? -- James Hasik, National Interest

Budget Woes Threaten Marine Corps Plan to Defeat Enemy Drones -- Military.com

Coast Guard Eyes Getting Its Own Drone Fleet -- Defense Tech

The Pentagon Still Doesn’t Encrypt Its Emails -- Motherboard

Hydrogen fuel cell technology could bring stealth to Army vehicles -- Defense News

GM's super-quiet, super-cool military 4X4 -- CNN

Trump will allow immigrants to obtain citizenship through military service -- FOX News

Is the U.S. Military a Paper Tiger? -- Richard A. Bitzinger, National Interest

Trump must recognize that national power goes beyond the military -- Michael O'Hanlon and Alice Rivlin, The Hill

Stopping the Unstoppable: How will the U.S. Defeat Missiles of the Future? -- Collin Meisel, RCD

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin takes to the skies with Thunderbirds -- Air Force Times

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