Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Details Emerge On The Taliban Attack That Killed Almost 200 Afghan Soldiers

CNN: Taliban 'started firing at anyone who came in front of them,' soldier says

(CNN)The crowd of soldiers barely had time to finish their prayers before the Taliban came to kill them.

Atiqullah was one of soldiers praying at the northern Afghan army base. As he left, he saw the carnage unfold.

"I saw a ranger model military vehicle with three or four attackers. Two of them had suicide vests -- they blew themselves up," said Atiqullah, a member of the 209th Shaheen Corps.

Another similar vehicle "went to mosque side -- they had M16 weapon(s) and started firing at anyone who came in front of them."

By the end of the bloodshed Friday, "I saw more than 80 to 100 people killed in front of me," the 25-year-old soldier said.

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More News On Friday's Taliban Attack That Killed Almost 200 Afghan Soldiers

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Aizino Smith said...

Taliban need to be shot on sight. There should not be a captured Taliban held for long.

They wear no uniform.

They wear Afghan army uniform.