Thursday, April 27, 2017

New North Korean Propaganda Video Puts The White House In Their Crosshairs

Daily Mail: North Korea obliterates US Capitol and puts the White House in crosshairs in terrifying World War 3 video mock-up

* North Korean propaganda video shows a mock-up of rockets hitting US Capitol
* It also shows the White House and aircraft carriers in Pyongyang's cross-hairs
* Footage also taken from Kim Jong-un's recent military parades in Pyongyang

North Korea has released a terrifying new World War Three video showing a simulation of rocket attacks on the US Capitol and an American aircraft carrier.

The propaganda film shows the White House in Pyongyang's cross-hairs before an animation shows a missile descending on Washington DC and exploding in a giant fireball.

Another simulation shows US warships being targeted by rockets while footage has also been taken from Kim Jong-un's recent military parades and live-fire drills.

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