Thursday, April 13, 2017

North Korea Preparing For Another Nuclear Test

New York Times: North Korea May Be Preparing Its 6th Nuclear Test

New satellite images suggest that North Korea might soon conduct another underground detonation in its effort to learn how to make nuclear arms — its sixth explosive test in a decade and perhaps its most powerful yet.

North Korea’s nuclear tests have grown steadily more destructive, and the country continues to pursue its longtime goal of putting a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental missile capable of reaching targets around the globe.

The United States recently ordered an aircraft carrier and other warships toward the Korean Peninsula in a show of force intended to discourage the North from testing a nuclear weapon.

While examining satellite imagery, experts have observed a wide range of activity at Mount Mantap, a mile-high peak where North Korea conducts its nuclear tests. Beneath the mountain, a system of tunnels has been excavated for the past five detonations of the North’s nuclear bombs.

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RussInSoCal said...

It's not really even a test. It's more of a confirmation. The Norks have demonstrated technical competency with their upgraded Scuds. They've managed to have varying outcomes with their underground nuke tests.

This one seems different. Thia one seems like it may be the miniaturized warhead that they'd affix to the No-Dong. This may be the "bottom line" that China has said cannot be crossed.

/Interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is a test. These weapons need to be tested over and over and improved regarding yield and distribution efficiency..bomb design and reliability matters. ..why do you think we had thousands of tests ourselves?

Anonymous said...

But of course there is also a clear messaging component to it..not denying that

fazman said...

So how many tomahawks can that u.s armada muster? 500 incl subs?

fazman said...

Just watching a doco on the American red tail pilots on ww2, amazing stuff :)