Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Number Of Google Searches For 'World War 3' Is Hitting Historic Highs

Searches for 'World War 3' have hit their highest point since Google records began in 2004 after Trump bombed the Assad regime and moved an 'armada' toward North Korea

Daily Mail: Number of Google searches for 'World War 3' hits its highest ever level following Trump's military escalation in Syria and North Korea

* Google trends show people are preoccupied with thoughts of conflict
* Searches for 'World War 3' have hit record-breaking levels, data reveals
* 'Trump war' and 'Syria war' both hit records, while 'nuclear war' is spiking
* Comes after cruise missile strikes in Syria and amid tensions with North Korea

As warships move off the coast of North Korea and cruise missile stay pointed at Syria, you might be forgiven for the odd macabre thought over the past week.

And it seems you are not alone, as Google data reveals people have been obsessed with the idea of worldwide conflict in recent days.

Searches for 'World War 3' hit their highest level since records started in 2004 this month, according to data brought to light by Infowars.

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WNU Editor: People are clearly nervous on where the world is heading.


Jac said...

"People are clearly nervous on where the world is heading". Well, that's a little bit understandable.
During the cold war there was "clear lines", but now the world is just a huge mess hardly understandable with so much antagonism. It was exactly the same situation before WWII.

Anonymous said...

Ja - what clear lines were there during the cold war? I'd state the opposite. for example the Cuban missile crisis, bay of pigs, Vietnam etc etc showed these lines were not clear, nor established prior, but discovered on the go, killing many and in the case of the missile crisis nearly us all in the process... the cold war was not fought on a clear, but instead foggy day. media, in the air, on land, on and under water...nothing was certain, almost nothing was known, MAD was a newly introduced concept etc etc. ..

Matthew Dupuis said...

I think the "clear lines" Jac is mentioning were the clear lines drawn between any event (Cuban Missile Crisis, Suez, Yom kippur, Berlin, etc. etc.) and full scale nuclear retaliation. We all KNEW what was at the end of any line that got out of control, and that knowledge always seemed to allow for "cooler heads" to prevail before that happened. The Cold War did in fact have a modicum of certainty that kept decision makers in check - today is far less certain.