Saturday, April 15, 2017

President Trump Works To Boost Morale In The Military

Washington Post: Trump delights in watching the U.S. military display its strength

Amid the often jarring inconsistency of President Trump’s foreign policy, one thing has always been crystal clear: He loves a big show of American military force.

“You gotta knock the hell out of them — Boom! Boom! Boom!” Trump said of Islamic State terrorists at a January 2016 rally in Iowa, punctuating each “boom” with a punch of his fist.

That same impulse has been apparent over the past 10 days as Trump pummeled a Syrian air base with cruise missiles, threatened military action against North Korea over its nuclear weapons program and praised the U.S. military’s first-ever use of a massive 11-ton bomb, nicknamed the “mother of all bombs,” to kill Islamic State militants in Afghanistan.

“So incredible. It’s brilliant. It’s genius,” Trump said Tuesday of the missile strike in Syria. “Our technology, our equipment is better than anybody by a factor of five.”

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WNU Editor: The feedback that I am receiving from those who have served and/or are serving in the military is that President Trump knows how to boost morale in the arm forces. But on the bigger picture .... they agree with me when I say that dropping a bomb is not what I would call a long term strategy ... and a long term strategy is what is needed right now.

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