Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rampant Drug Abuse By US Navy SEALs?

Three Navy SEALs -- two retired, one active-duty -- spoke to CBS News about the drug use they saw in their forces. CBS NEWS

CBS News: Navy SEAL drug use "staggering," investigation finds

One of the most honored and respected segments of the U.S. military is battling an enemy within. For the first time, Navy SEALs are talking publicly about drug abuse in the ranks.

“I’m sitting in this chair because I’m not proud anymore to be in the community because of the direction that it’s going,” said one of the Navy SEALs who came forward.

Three Navy SEALs - one active duty, two retired - agreed to talk to us on camera if we disguised their faces and change their voices to protect them from retribution.

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WNU Editor: I hate reading and posting stories like this one. The US Navy SEALs are a unique groups of individuals .... but they are also human just like all of us. May those who have been flagged get the support and treatment that they need.

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