Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rogue Insiders Worry U.S. Intelligence Agencies As Much As Spies

Tim Johnson, McClatchy News: U.S. intelligence agencies fear rogue insiders as much as spies these days

WASHINGTON: Forget about spies. It’s rogue insiders that cause heartburn at U.S. intelligence agencies these days.

Few spy cases have broken in the past decade and a half. In contrast, a proliferation of U.S. intelligence and military insiders have gone rogue and spilled secrets to journalists or WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy group.

The leaks are as damaging as any major spy case, perhaps more so. And they have underscored the ease of stealing secrets in the modern age, sometimes with a single stroke of a keyboard.

Since early March, WikiLeaks has published part of a trove of documents purportedly created by cyber units of the Central Intelligence Agency. WikiLeaks continues to upload the documents and hacking tools, dubbed Vault 7, to the internet for all to see.

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WNU Editor: Rogue insiders have always been a concern for U.S. intelligence agencies.... the difference is that today the world wide web can easily post and publish any detail that is leaked.

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James said...

Considering the last 4 months or so, the fact they are worried about "rogue insiders" is comical to say the least.