Friday, April 7, 2017

Russian Defense Ministry Shows Video Footage Of US Missile Strike Aftermath In Syria


Anonymous said...

Funny how they only show damage to concrete infrastructure and don't show any damaged plane (but do go out of their way to show intact planes)... makes me just laugh

Jac said...

Cruise missile's have largely prove their effectiveness in the past. Strangely they are completely ineffective with Syria. If I was Syrian's I wish they ask America to do the same, just for wasting missiles.... but I bet they will not. Why?

Jay Farquharson said...

"Two Syrian jets took off today from the air base that was hit by U.S. missiles and carried out strikes on areas under ISIS control in the countryside of eastern Homs, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights."

"Syrian military officials appeared to anticipate Thursday night's raid on Syria's Shayrat air base, evacuating personnel and moving equipment ahead of the strike, according to an eyewitness."

László Mikó said...

Anna news also made a field report:

fazman said...

They didnt anticipate it, they were told by the russians exactly what was comming.

RussInSoCal said...

Note to Assad: If you keep gassing your political agitation, you can expect more of same.

I'm a little surprised about Russia. Apparently they had a choice to stand up and face the US. And they opted not to.


(and don't tell me they got something big for US later. Because they really don't)

fazman said...

I have a gut feeling that they didnt use the S400 or allow the Syrian S300 be used to intercept the tomahawks because the Russians had serious doubts that it would work as advertised and bang overnight their billions of $ in export sales would evaporate.

fazman said...
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Anonymous said...

That would be because we told them we were going to bomb and they moved them.

Aizino Smith said...

Everyone is one the same sheet of music except Jay.

he is carrying water like he is a 1 man fire brigade.

(1) He is so intent on posting that the field is operation.

We never said it was not.

(2) He is intent on proving that Syrian planes were not lost.

We never though all of them were. We just wondered how many we gassed up and flown off given an hours notice.


It makes me wonder how 'down with the struggle' of a Leftist Jay is.

It makes me wonder if Jay is a troll like B.S. (BULLSHIT) Poster.

Anonymous said...

Aizino...I agree, but counting you almost towards the two as well haha stay classy

B.Poster said...


Actually I agree with much of what you post here. Before insulting me please read my posts in the entirety. In the case of the chemical weapons attack assuming it actually occurred, I've suggested we need to apply critical thinking here before taking rash actions. This is no bullsh!t.

Actions have consequences. It wouldn't be the first time we've been lured into a war or an escalation of one under pretenses that later turned out to be less than true. I would suggest being extremely cautious about trusting anything that US "Intelligence" or the media puts out. At present, it appears to me that we are being manipulated by someone or a group of people into taking rash actions that are unlikely to advance the interests of America or its people. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bposter that's interesting, please elaborate

B.Poster said...


I suspect the S-300 was not deployed for one of the following reasons. 1.) Since Syria and Russia both have aircraft operating in the region, the system is turned off so as to allow their own aircraft to operate more efficiently. 2.)Due to the cost of the system and the expertise required to operate it the system is only deployed in mission critical areas or areas of importance. The airfield that was hit seems to be of relative insignificance and one hour's warning allowed plenty of time to evacuate anything critical to Syrian or Russian operations. 3.) Russia wishes a conflict with America and wants to appear weak along the lines of Sun Tzu who stated to paraphrase "when you are strong make your enemy appear weak" and it Russia is looking for this as well as a pretext to expand it's role in Syria America and Mr. Trump by these reckless and impulsive actions just handed this to them on a gold platter.

B.Poster said...


I will try and elaborate. Actually I have discussed this elsewhere on this site but perhaps you had not seen it.

Think carefully. When investigating any type of crime or action, the first things an investigator does is watch the videos/visual evidence of what took place to try and gather as much information as he/she can into what actually occurred. 1.) From the visual evidence that was presented by the media, the first responders are acting in a rather caviler manner assuming a chemical weapons attack just took place. The actions and body language of the first responders lead to suspicion that things may not be what people are trying to convey. This is clue # 1. While I do not want to believe this, it would not be the first time gullible Americans have been lured into military conflicts that don't serve their interests. As such, first thought is the whole thing is being staged.

2.) Moving on from here and assuming I've simply become paranoid over watching our country manipulated by others to act in ways against its interest for so long and the attack actually did occur a prudent investigator asks himself/herself who has the most to gain by the action and who has the most to lose. Since Assad was/is winning as even the media has had to admit, his forces would have nothing to gain by such an action and such an actions would likely carry huge downside risk. As such, barring extraordinary evidence it would seem prudent to dismiss Assad and the Syrian military as a suspect. Presumably they are also being closely monitored as well which would limit their opportunity to carry such an attack out making it even less likely they could be behind the attack. As for the "rebels"/al Qaeda/ISIS they have the potential to gain foreign/US support in the wake of such an attack and they have much support in the Arab world. This gives them both motive and opportunity to carry out such an attack.

3.) By some counts hundreds of thousands have died in Syria. Now all of a sudden we are supposed to get worked up over a few dozen. Since it seems to be working, Americans may be even stupider than I thought we were. With Mr. Trump facing epic fail on almost every front might he have "rolled the dice" and be in on this manipulation. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, none of these have worked out so well. Syria will likely be a collosul blunder as well. Such unscrupulous elements and the American people need to think things through carefully. Of course continuing to do the same things over and over again expecting a different result is one definition of insanity.

4.) The Russians may be looking for a pretext to expand operations in Syria and to confront America. Also, Mr. Putin has some opposition at home and may need a pretext to crush it. There's nothing like fighting Islamic terrorism to unite the people and since there is no viable opposition to Assad other than ISIS/Al Qaeda America as the foreign devil who supports this evil is reinforced. Clearly from the video linked to in the post the attack was not as effective as we have been led to believe. By behaving so recklessly we may have maneuvered ourselves directly into a trap.

5.) The attack occurs on 4/4. By 4/6 America is launching a cruise missile attack. An investigation to determine the facts as to what occurred could not possibly be conducted in such a short period of time. Additionally given the massive failures of US intelligence over the years they cannot be relied upon as a primary source for pretty much anything.

I could continue, however, stopping here it does appear there is a strong possibility we are being manipulated into doing something that does not serve our interests. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened. At this point all we would get from Syria would be more debt and prolonged war further depleting our military in support of someone who does not represent our interests. Candidate Trump had it right. Hopefully my analysis is wrong.

B.Poster said...


The Sun Tzu paraphrase should have read, "when you are strong, appear weak to your enemy."

Aizino Smith said...

Russia is in bed with a regime that uses poison gas against civilians.

USSR was in bed with the NAZIs, who perpetuated the Holocaust.

- The Russians were very good at massacring Poles themselves.
- Hitler should hang his head in shame. He was a piker compared to Stalin when it came to genocide.

- Birds of a feather flock together.
- When you lie with dogs expect to get fleas.
- Nothing new under the sun

If the Russian & Syrian flew their planes out the airbase is still degraded. Any planes returning or more susceptible to rebel artillery now.

The runway was also damaged. It was not damaged much from the photos I saw, but it did degrade it. The runways now look like one giant FOD hazard.

fazman said...
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fazman said...

Cmon , turning a airdefence system off so your own aircraft and that off your allues can operate freely? Doesnt happen unless the equipment and operators are of 3rd world standard.Perhaps that can at a stretch be applied to Syrian personnel,but Russians?

Secondly the costs of using the system are inconsequential as Putin knows had he shot(or Syria by proxy) destroyed or disrupted the attack export $ would have gone astronomical much like exocet sales after the falklands war.
All rational points at 2 options.
A Russia was genuinely concerned it would fail (heavy jamming etc) hence further tarnishing and perhaps seriously degrading their arms export industry.
B The Syrian 300 is a dummy ( a bluff against israel that is non operational)
Israel has been striking Syria with impunity which would validate the above.
C Putin is a great poker player but his hand has been called and he has folded?
Take your pick mate,NOTHING else adds up.

Anonymous said...

Tomahawks are a terrible weapon of choice for degrading runways. ..would be stupid to use them this way

Aizino Smith said...


I agree that a Tomahawk does not seem to be a good way to degrade a runway. I saw one crater in news reports that was about as wide as a man is tall. it was 3 to 6 feet from the edge of the runway or apron. It obviously dues not degrade the runway much. For $600 to $800K a pop, it is not cost effective.

However, if even one plane was destroyed that paid for 1/3rd of the missiles.

If 3 planes were destroyed than it was not only even, but the U.S. came out ahead because the cost was even, but we sent a message.

Plus by actually going through the process much training was accomplished. The actual launching of the missile covered for some training time.