Thursday, April 27, 2017

Russian Navy Intelligence Ship Has Has Sunk In The Black Sea After Hitting A Freighter

RT: Russian Navy reconnaissance ship sinks after collision in Black Sea

A Russian Navy reconnaissance ship has sunk after colliding with another vessel near the Bosporus, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

The hull of ‘the Liman,’ a 1,560-ton reconnaissance ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was breached below the waterline in the collision, the Defense Ministry said.

The Turkish coast guard said it rescued 78 people from the Russian ship, which was later confirmed by the Russian authorities.

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WNU Editor: I am willing to bet that right now Russia is assembling a crew to go to to where the ship sunk, and to retrieve any intelligence equipment if possible. I also expect Moscow to dispatch a warship to guard the site .... if they have not done so already. On the flip side .... I am willing to bet that right now the CIA/Western intelligence agencies/etc., are scrambling personnel and equipment to go to the site and do the same thing. This is going to be interesting when they finally meet each other. On a side note .... TASS is calling this ship a "research vessel" .... Russian Black Sea research vessel collides with freighter near Bosphorus (TASS)

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Caecus said...

"Recon" ship didn't see a freighter

fred lapides said...

what they now call low IQ

Jay Farquharson said...

"These two straits are among the busiest and most critical seaways in the world, and because of the Bosphorus's status as the narrowest strait used for international navigation, maritime disasters have been common."

Andrew Summers said...

They say that Every time they ran thier fancy battle simulations and the Think tanks all said the Americans and nato Lost every single time and at every single angle... so why would they stress this supposed result that Russia destroyed the Americans in Thierry war game simulations when the Russian ships sink themselves. Laughable

Jay Farquharson said...

USS Miami,
USS Thresher,
USS Scorpion,
USS Frank E. Evans,
USS Solar,
USS Chehalis,
USS Benevolence,
USS Hobson,
USNS Mission San Francisco,
USNS Mission San Miguel,
USS Stickleback,
USS Grouse,
USS Bache,
USNS Sargeant Jack J. Pendleton,
USS Lamoure County,

Just to name a few.

B.Poster said...


I was actually going to point out something simillar to Jay but he beat me to it. Not really much to add but I was going to point out that miltary and intelligence work of all kinds especially those intel personnel on the front lines as these Russian personnel were is VERY dangerous work. Add in the close quarters of this area and the work is even more dangerous than normal which, as stated, is already VERY dangerous. There's nothing laughable about this.

As for the NATO war simulations, there is a myth that must be portrayed. The myth is that America is some sort of superpower vastly superior to all others. This is what the big bosses want to see/hear. In order to get promoted/keep jobs, such specious thinking continues and the government, unlike business intersts, does not need to make a profit.

The need to be profitable or go out of business helps keep stupid and ideological thinking in check in the private sector. Without such a need there is little to nothing to put the brakes on such stupidity in government circles.

Those NATO war simulations were lkkely done with "a stacked deck" to ensure a NATO victory yet they still lost. The powers that be learned absolutely nothing. Instead retreat further into fantasy land.

Anonymous said...

Jay...Caecus made a really really funny joke. We all know. Just go with it...for once your lmao would have made sense :)
Common. can do it. ..lmao

Jay Farquharson said...

We just had Sgt. Robert "Bobby" J. Dynerowicz killed and 3 others injured in a training accident,

The US "lost" two in Afghanistan,

I don't find crass jokes about Servicemen and Women of any nation, facing danger, funny at all.