Friday, April 7, 2017

Russian Prime Minister: U.S. Missile Attack On Syria Almost Resulted In A Clash With Russia

Reuters: U.S. strikes on Syria came close to clash with Russia: Medvedev

U.S. cruise missile strikes on a Syrian air base were one step away from clashing with the Russian military, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev charged on Friday, underscoring the risks in U.S. President Donald Trump's first major foray into the Syrian civil war.

U.S. officials informed Russian forces ahead of the strikes, which were intended to punish the Syrian government for what they said was a chemical weapons attack, and avoided hitting Russian personnel.

In the biggest foreign policy decision of his presidency, Trump ordered a step his predecessor Barack Obama never took: targeting the Syrian military. Washington says Syrian government forces carried out a poison gas attack in northern Syria this week that killed at least 70 people.

The U.S. action catapulted Washington into confrontation with Russia, which has military advisers on the ground aiding its ally, President Bashar al-Assad.

Satellite imagery suggests the Shayrat air base that was

struck by dozens of U.S. missiles is home to Russian special forces and military helicopters, part of the Kremlin's effort to help the Syrian government fight Islamic State and other militant groups.

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Update #1: Russia says US air strikes in Syria came 'within an inch' of military clash with their forces -- Independent
Update #2: US strikes in Syria 'one step away' from clashes with Russian military, PM Medvedev says -- Daily Sabah

WNU Editor: No comment from the White House .... WH Declines Comment on Medvedev Statement That Trump Broke Campaign Promises (Sputnik). When the attack was launched the Russian military had a choice .... do nothing or retaliate. It was late at night in Moscow when the attack was launched .... so almost everyone was asleep. But someone had to give the order to stand down .... and my guess is that it was Putin.


jimbrown said...

More like stand down in shelter.

Aizino Smith said...

I heard a talk show host describe a standard nuke missile attack on a country with THAAD.

The S-400 would be useless.

Russia props up dictators.

fazman said...

A manpad suffice for tomahawk.

Aizino Smith said...

True, but soldiers would have to be posted.

Those so posted would have to be protected and replaced on watch.

Then there is human reaction time.

The SAA has some manpads. How come they did not use them?

They had 1 hours notice.

We told the Russians and the Russians told them.

We said we told the Russians. The Russians have not came out with a large body count of dead Russian soldiers. You know the Russians told the Syrians.

I hear 6 or 7 people stayed in the base. I don't remember who, why or where.