Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Russia's FSB Chief: Islamic State Holding Talks With Other Groups To Create A New Global Terrorist Network

FILE PHOTO © Medyan Dairieh / Global Look Press

TASS: Russia’s FSB chief says Islamic State holding talks on uniting with other terror groups

The Russian defense minister says militants have been joining refugees to leave the Middle East and travel to other countries

MOSCOW, April 26. /TASS/. MOSCOW, April 26. /TASS/. Intelligence services have obtained information that the Islamic State terrorist organization is holding talks on unification with other terrorist groups, Head of Russia’s Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov said at the Moscow Conference on International Security on Wednesday.

"The heads of major international terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra (both terrorist groups, outlawed in Russia), and also the remainder of the earlier existing structures of Al-Qaeda have started changing their tactics understanding that they face complete destruction in the zone of their previous dominance," Bortnikov explained.

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Update #1: ISIS leaders ‘negotiate merger’ with other terrorist groups – FSB head (RT)
Update #2: Militants Have De-Facto Created New Global Terrorist Network - Russian FSB (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: The Russians are not the only ones who are making warnings about this merger .... An Islamic State - Al Qaeda Alliance? (April 18, 2017).


Aizino Smith said...

The Armed Islamic Group (GIA), Groupe Islamique Armé,1st joined Al Qaeda and then joined ISIS.

This is nothing new.

What was new was Obama-____, not Obama-san, but Obama-____ pussy-footing around and not doing anything about the terrorists in ThePhillipines, Afghanistan, Yemen, Algeria, Mali, Somalia, Thailand, Indonesia or embedded in any of the Western countries.

Zawahiris' group joined AL Qaeda.

Abu Sayyaf has been allied with Al Qaeda for a long time.

Al Qaeda may have trained more than 10,000 jihadis in Afghanistan before 911.

Just like the West Point Center on Counter-Terrorism warned, Criminal syndicates work with terrorist groups.

Abu Sayaf is team up with AL Qaeda and the Triads.

And the Fucker-crat Party want no immigration control.

Billy-Bub Clinton did toss a few tomahawks into Afghanistan after he knew the training camps were safely evacuated.

All he did was put on an occasional show.

Aizino Smith said...