Thursday, April 20, 2017

Senor Russian Military Adviser Killed In Syria

© Ali Hashisho / Reuters

RT: Russian military adviser killed in attack on Syrian govt camp – MoD

A Russian military adviser has been killed in a militant assault on a Syrian government forces camp, the Russian Ministry of Defense has said. The officer, Major Sergey Bordov, was training a Syrian Army unit and was part of a group of Russian advisers.

During the militant attack, Bordov helped establish the defense line and direct the actions of the Syrian Army soldiers, a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

“During the militants’ attack, the Russian officer directed the actions of the Syrian soldiers, thus successfully preventing the terrorists from breaching the defenses and entering the camp,” the ministry noted. It added that “in the course of the fighting, the officer sustained fatal injuries.”

The major will be awarded a decoration posthumously.

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Update #1: Russian Officer Dies Stopping Terrorists From Entering Syrian Army Garrison (Sputnik)
Update #2: Russian marine major killed in combat in Syria: agencies (Reuters)

WNU Editor: Russia's Ministry of Defense has been under criticism for not reporting casualties from Syria. In this case .... this one is "too big of a fish" to ignore.


Jay Farquharson said...

The Soviet's "hid" casualties in the Afghan War,

The Russians "hid" casualties in the First Chechen War,

and the Second Chechen War, ( many under the guise of "Contractors")

The Russian's did not hide casualties during the Georgian War, because with a much more "modern and professional" military, they did not have to.

In Crimea and the Ukraine, lurid tales of the Russian's hiding their casualties became common again, ( mobile crematoriums and tales of convoys of freezer trucks), but I doubt it.

They probably obscured some as training accidents, but I doubt the Ukrainian claims of tens of thousands KIA.

I doubt the claims of Russia hiding casualties in Syria, because their role and task in Syria ensures they will be "light", like NATO/US casualties in Iraq and Syria in the anti-ISIS operations.

But the claim of massive hidden casualties in Syria will always have some "stick", because of Soviet/Russian past history.

Aizino Smith said...

A major is not senior military officer.

Although an officer is not the same as a military advisor.