Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Susan Rice: From ‘I Know Nothing’ About Unmasking of Trump Officials To Knowing Quite A Bit About It Two Weeks Later

WNU Editor: From ‘I know nothing’ about unmasking of Trump officials (first video from PBS) .... to today's awkward NBC interview (second video) where Rice confirmed that she requested the demasking of Americans while she was National Security Adviser .... but she was very careful to not deny that she asked that names of Trump officials to be demasked .... instead insisting the Obama administration did not spy on Mr. Trump or his staff for political purposes. Hmmmm .... she is going to satisfy no one from this NBC interview.

Update: I am not surprised .... House Intel Panel Wants Susan Rice to Testify in Russia Probe (WSJ).


Anonymous said...

If true this would be a huge blow to the democratic party.. but of course to Jay it's just a big LMFAO
To the more serious readers - More evidence is needed... but it looks like the democratic Party has been rotting from the top... Obama had clearly a trust issue ..spying on Merkel, controlling the media (yep, Obama ran a tight ship regarding freedom of information suppression), and with the democratic party council clearly manipulating the democratic process (when for example supressing Berne Sanders as a candidate or passing on questions of a town hall twice to Clinton..still unbelievable how little this was covered by CNN, especially as one of their contributors was involved...)... it's been rotting from the top and their word is just about worth as much as Trump's. ..which is shocking in itself!

Anonymous said...

We DO NOT care about your take on this matter since we know you are a Russian agent and biased with Trump!

Anonymous said...

True brother. The whole Democratic Party is today incredibly corrupt and has been so since the days of Bill Clinton.