Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria Responds To The U.S Missile Strike

Damage to the Syrian army airbase broadcast on Syrian state television. SYRIAN TV via Reuters TV

Reuters: In divided Syria, U.S. strike both welcomed and condemned

Polarized by years of civil war, Syrians were split on Friday over a U.S. strike on a government airbase, with those in rebel-held areas cautiously welcoming it but Damascus residents decrying it as Western aggression.

The cruise missile strike near the city of Homs early in the day came in response to what Washington and its allies said was a chemical weapons attack this week by Syrian forces. Damascus has strongly denied using chemical weapons.

Some residents of Idlib province, where the chemical attack took place killing scores of people, said they hoped the U.S. strike would weaken Assad's government. "The American strike was good, it's positive - we support any strike against the Syrian regime," 29-year-old Alaa al-Zir said.

"We hope there will be more strikes - and other action - to follow ... so the revolutionaries can advance further and these massacres against civilians can stop," he said.

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