Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Battle For The Iraqi City of Mosul -- News Updates April 22, 2017

DW: Mosul: The battle for Iraq's future

Three-fourths of the Iraqi metropolis have been freed from "Islamic State." As anti-IS forces advance on the northwestern city of Mosul, what's needed is a political strategy.

The drones are especially dangerous. Islamic State fighters have been sending more and more unmanned aircraft into the air, according to the Iraqi army. Buzzing overhead, the ground-controlled drones release deadly explosives down upon the ranks of their opponents.

In the mean time, the Iraqi military has adapted to the aerial threat, but the drones - small and, therefore, difficult to distinguish from afar - are still dangerous, particularly in street battles, when soldiers don't have the time to keep an eye on what might fly overhead.

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The Battle For The Iraqi City of Mosul -- News Updates April 22, 2017

Iraqi forces retake two more western Mosul districts as hundreds more join exodus -- Military Times/Reuters
Iraqi forces tighten the noose around Daesh in Western Mosul -- Al Bawaba
Iraqi army announces liberation of new west Mosul neighbourhood -- RUDAW
63 targets controlled, 20 IS leaders killed since February in western Mosul: Federal Police -- Iraqi News
Drone video shows ISIS moving civilians into home as human shields -- ABC news
Video: ISIS Using Mosul Residents as Human Shields -- US News and World Report
The Pentagon says this video shows ISIS using 'sinister' new tactics in Mosul -- Military Times
Coalition confirms ISIS used chemical weapons in Mosul -- RUDAW
Islamic State using home-made rockets to deliver mustard gas in Mosul -- SOFREP
Kuwaiti in charge of training IS snipers killed in western Mosul -- Iraqi News
Iraqis displaced in Mosul fight sickened by toxic oil fires -- UPI
‘No other place to take them’: Devastated Mosul hospital struggles to treat injured patients (VIDEO) -- RT
Resentment festers in Mosul: just ask Saddam Hussein -- Reuters
This is life inside Mosul's Old City -- Salma Abdelaziz, Scott McWhinnie and Nick Paton Walsh, CNN
Revenge or Reconciliation — The Future of Mosul -- Jamie Dettmer, VOA

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