Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates April 5, 2017

Heather Murdock, VOA: Dark Times Ahead in Battle for Mosul

MOSUL, IRAQ — A few hours after 20-year-old Zeena escaped Islamic State militants in Mosul on Monday, she is at a makeshift bus station where fleeing Mosul residents gather to be assigned tents or catch buses to relatives' homes. As it starts to rain, Zeena says she and her family are among the lucky ones.

When militants caught women attempting to flee a few days ago, she says, female IS guards arrested them and took their money and gold. But as Iraqi forces get closer to defeating the militants, violence has escalated and whole families are being executed.

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The Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates April 5, 2017

U.N. expands civilian camps as air strikes resume on Mosul -- Reuters
Video: CTS foils suicide attack in western Mosul -- Iraqi News
Many airstrikes in Mosul go unreported, civilian victims say -- USA Today
Four ISIS leaders killed as Iraqi forces encircle strategic mosque -- RUDAW
Iraqi Forces Battle Militants Near Key Mosque In Mosul (Video) -- RFE
On the ground in Mosul: The face of a new Iraqi military, forged in war -- Jerusalem Post
Trump Son-In-Law Kushner Expresses Confidence In Iraqi Fight For Mosul -- RFE
In Iraq, Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, upbeat on Mosul -- Reuters
ISIS turns Mosul museum into tax office -- FOX News
Islamic State Used Mosul Museum As Tax Department -- Reuters
Iraqi forces tell Mosul civilians to stay away from IS targets -- Iraqi News
Death around corner for civilians living on Mosul's frontline -- Reuters
430.000 displaced since start of Mosul offensive in October: government -- Iraqi News
UN expanding camps near Mosul as 300,000 people flee -- Al Jazeera
Tragedy of Mosul: Battle against IS is leading to all-too-familiar results -- Business Standard

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