Friday, April 21, 2017

The RAND Corporation War-games The Defense Of The Baltics And War With Russia

© RIA Novosti. Ilia Pytalev

Sputnik: Just Try It: Influential US Think Tank Recommends Attack on Russia's Kaliningrad

Against the background of a beefed up NATO presence in Eastern Europe, and preparations for new drills on Russian borders, analysts at the RAND Corporation, an influential US think tank, have urged the Pentagon to consider options for the 'neutralization' of Russian military systems in Kaliningrad. Russian experts offer their take on such 'advice.'

Complaining about what it estimates to be impressive Russian air defenses capabilities in its Baltic exclave, the think tank's report says that the Department of Defense needs to develop "a clear view of the role that Kaliningrad…with its strong anti-air defenses," might play in case of war in the Baltic region, and the steps NATO might take to "neutralize" it.

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WNU Editor: Not surprising .... Russian experts and the Kremlin are not amused. The Rand report is here .... European Relations with Russia: Threat Perceptions, Responses, and Strategies in the Wake of the Ukrainian Crisis (RAND). This is a follow-up on a report from last year .... Reinforcing Deterrence on NATO's Eastern Flank (RAND).

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jimbrown said...

No bother. I'm doing a wargame taking down the RAND corporation. It seems, once eliminated, they are quickly forgotten.