Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The U.S. Contemplated A Nuclear Confrontation In North Korea In 1953.

David Kaiser, Time: The U.S. Contemplated a Nuclear Confrontation in North Korea in 1953. We Can Learn From That Moment

A few weeks after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that American “strategic patience” with North Korea is ending, a U.S. naval fleet is moving toward that country, prompting Chinese authorities to caution against further provocation between the two nations. As experts advise that North Korea seems ready to launch a new nuclear test, plans have been laid for a potentially large conventional strike by the U.S. against North Korean test sites and facilities, to be executed if North Korea goes ahead with another nuclear test.

Were President Trump to authorize such a move, it would represent the first time in the history of the world that any nation had launched a formal military attack on the territory of a declared nuclear state. It is perhaps no coincidence that this step is under consideration now that there is no one with any influence in government who would remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki as an adult. Yet it behooves us to revisit another instance in which the U.S. government flirted with a nuclear confrontation with another nuclear power — one that would have taken place, as it happens, in the same territory, Korea, in 1953.

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WNU Editor: I doubt that the U.S. would be the first to use nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula .... especially since they currently enjoy a conventional military advantage over North Korea. But this look back at 1953 is an interesting read because it explains the limits of using nuclear weapons .... especially on the Korean peninsula.


Dave Goldstein said...

The US might use nukes if the NK's sink a carrier. I don't think it can happen

Anonymous said...

One of the most important - and not discussed at all - issues is that North Korea's missile program might not be 100% under their control. Which countries are helping them with the nuclear program and the technology involved? Russia, Iran and China. I don't know the details on who is delivering what parts, BUT I know that these countries clearly could technologically infiltrate the launch program. Means, they could press the button remotely and we'd never know it. Think Stuxnet (already years old - but see what that little program did back then? That was Israel and the US together, with a little help from Germany).. now in today's world, North Korea gets the ingredients (circuit boards, software, chips etc) from China/Russia/Iran. And the NK's do not have the technological sophistication to find out if those parts are infected with malware. We (the west) are constantly infected by Chinese hardware. Case in point. I bought a USB dongle a few years back in China and sure enough it came with malware that sent back data to some IP in China.
Kim might not be the one firing off the missile. His last words might be "what the hell is going on" while everything around him melts in the US counter attack. But at what price? The US is in danger of losing trillions and trillions, while a poor idiot (and his followers) are melting (at the loss of a few billions), a terrible 1:1000 ratio. A nightmare for the west. And we'd all lose, except for the aforementioned countries.

I'm not the type who wears a tinfoil hat, but this smells to the heavens.