Sunday, April 2, 2017

Today's Russian Protests Against Putin Are A Bust

Media far outnumbered participants at the planned site for an opposition rally outside Red Square. (David Filipov/The Washington Post)

Washington Post: A near-no show on Red Square highlights problems of Russia’s protest movement

MOSCOW — Last Sunday, tens of thousands turned out across Russia to protest rampant corruption in the upper echelons of power. It was a thunderous roar that Russians were not happy with President Vladimir Putin's government.

This Sunday, small crowds here and there joined in “protest promenades.” It was kind of a whimper.

At the rally point outside the walls of the Kremlin, hordes of media overwhelmed anyone who looked like a protester. A man carrying a Russian flag received significant media attention for “exercising my right to walk carrying a Russian flag in Russia.”

Another guy charged into the sea of cameras shouting, in English, “Putin my leader! Putin No. 1!” The small detachment of police on the square rushed over, pulled him out of the crowd and dragged him into a police bus.

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WNU Editor: I asked yesterday one of my cousins who lives in Moscow if he or his kids were going to go to Red Square to demonstrate on Sunday. He said no (no surprise there .... he supports Putin) .... but his daughter who is in her late twenties (and who did attend last weeks demonstration) also said no. Her rationale ..... "we made our point last week" .... "why do it again" ....and our focus is to "organise and get ready for next year's Presidential election". Hmmmm .... considering how fractured the opposition is .... she is going to be disappointed. But I know her time will come .... and I give it another 15 - 20 years.

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Bolshevik murderers acting like they always do,terrorizing defenseless people.