Monday, April 10, 2017

U-2 Spy Planes Are Keeping An Eye On North Korea

FOX News: Spying on North Korea: US Air Force keeps eye on Kim Jong Un

OSAN AIR BASE, SOUTH KOREA – The U.S. Air Force is busy in the skies over the Korean Peninsula, a range of aircraft including F-16’s running around the clock missions and exercises. The increase in provocations from North Korea focusing minds more.

“It keeps us on a heightened sense,” says US Air Force Col. James Brotree, “ There’s always something going on so we always have to make sure we do the right things.”

Many of these flights come from the Osan air base south of Seoul. And all those operations are run from an air operations center manned by U.S. and South Korean Air Force personel.

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WNU Editor: Here is a brief breakdown of military forces in the region .... How does US military power stack up against North Korea, China and Russia? (

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Stephen Davenport said...

We would beat all three and we can deploy troops quickly.