Wednesday, April 26, 2017

U.K. Ministry Of Defense Facing Serious Budget Shortfalls For Buying New Weapons

The Telegraph: MoD's new jets and warships threatened by rising costs and falling pound warn MPs

The Ministry of Defence may be unable to afford new fighter jets, warships and other military equipment because costs are rising and the falling pound has blown a black hole in its budget, MPs have warned.

The cross-party Commons Public Accounts Committee on Tuesday said it was "very concerned" a £178 billion defence equipment plan to deliver new kit over the next decade was now at risk.

The recent fall in the value of the pound against the US dollar may lead to “significant cost increases” for equipment coming from America.

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Update #1: Plans for new warships and jets becoming unaffordable, watchdog warns (Aol)
Update #2: Britain may not be able to fight a war because weapons are too expensive – MPs (RT)
Update #3: MoD’s plans for new warships, jets and subs ‘face £10billion shortfall’ (The SUN)

WNU Editor:So much for this U.K. Ministry of Defense 10 year plan.

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