Tuesday, April 11, 2017

US Air Force May Soon Be Forcing Pilots To Stay In The Service Against Their Will

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Roll Call: Stop-Loss an Option for Air Force to Keep Departing Pilots

‘If I can’t put warheads on foreheads, then [ISIS] is winning’

Faced with pilots leaving the Air Force in droves for the airlines, top generals are considering the option of forcing some to stay in the service against their will, a senior Air Force general told CQ Roll Call.

Gen. Carlton Everhart, chief of the Air Mobility Command, said in an interview that he and other senior Air Force generals will join Gen. David Goldfein, the service’s chief of staff, alongside representatives of the other armed services, in a meeting with U.S. airline executives May 18 at Andrews Air Force Base.

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Update #1: Grounded: So many pilots are leaving the U.S. Air Force that some may have to stay against their will (VICE News)
Update #2: US Air Force could make pilots stay in service against their will amid drastic shortage – official (RT)

WNU Editor: This is definitely not going to help morale.


aaa said...

bad, bad idea

Anonymous said...

this is a result of Obama's (and other liberals's) deliberate sabotage of the U.S. military, filling up the leadership and ranks both with minorities, gays and women, very few actually qualified, while bypassing the best warriors--white men. What top gun would want to stay on in such a twisted and poisonous environment? You reap what you sow, America, now eat what you have planted and cultivated.

B.Poster said...

Morale among all branches of the US military forces is already in the toilet, training is substandard, leadersh8ip is poor, and the forces and equipment are worn down to the point that even basic national defense is problematic. As I've been told, WHEN IN A HOLE THE FIRST THINK YOU DO IS STOP DIGGING!! Apparently US leadership wants to dig themselves and us an even deeper hole.

This coup may come sooner than people think. At some point, there is "the straw that breaks the camel's back." If they go through with this, this may be it.

I will reiterate what I stated before. A coup is NOT a good option nor is it desirable. Unfortunately we are rapidly running out of options. Hopefully US leadership will become sane.

fred lapides said...

Moronic statement by (of course) Anonymous, blaming all things on Liberals. So easy to do...But who was in office 8 years ago? Oh, not a liberal.

Jay Farquharson said...


Specialists leave Military service for 3 reasons,

- wars or the threat of wars they do not "believe in",

- higher pay and greater home stability in the Private sector,

- poor morale and job conditions.

#2 is "out" as a reason, because the Airlines ain't what they used to be.

# 1 is probably taking a toll as Afghanistan goes on 16+ years, Iraq, 14+ years, and the other 14 ongoing, unending wars in sight.

# 3 is probably the major reason, but it's not the reasons homophobes and mysoginists claim.

The main reasons are probably inoperable aircraft, https://www.google.ca/amp/www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/05/14/wiped-out-air-force-losing-pilots-and-planes-to-cuts-scrounging-for-spare-parts.amp.html,
Their aircraft trying to kill them.
Simulator time, not flight time,
And last but not least, the pressure by the USAF on fighter pilots to fly drones,

Fighter pilots sign up to live "Topgun", not play a RPG on a PC of "Topgun".

Hurhur said...

Ppl leave the military due to:
-better pay in the outside world
-poor policy, which as fate would have it stems from liberal pc higher ups
-overbearing bureaucracy which is propagated by liberal pc obsessed higher ups
- increased workload and op tempo due to a lack of warriors with a heart to get the job done amidst said liberal pc anti-American higher ups and other such wrenches in the American war fighting machine. And it's probably a lot easier to play video games and live off of well fare then it is to actually go into harms way for the love of their fellow Americans and the freedom that many enjoy.

spending the last decade dealing with it and still going at it is an honor but it's unfortunate when so many have no idea the human sacrifice.

fred lapides said...

I know lots of guys left military simply because they found it not the wahy of life they wanted...meanwhile, those who do not serve badmouth this or that and can not fathom why real patriots would leave our military. After all, many train and get decent pay for NSA and then cross the street and triple salary with private consulting firm doing work for the govt. Are they wrong to to this?

Jay Farquharson said...

I always LMFAO at the comments made by the homophobic mysoginist wingnuts, who never serve.

They claim "buraucracy" in an Organization that has extensive standards for everything, including creases and seams on pants to the shine on shoes. If you can't handle anal buraucracy, you won't survive basic.

They blame fellow 'Murkin's" for a lack of "patriotism", when the most they ever did in the GWOT was "go shopping".