Saturday, April 8, 2017

U.S. - Coalition Air Strikes Against The Islamic State Have Been Sharply Reduced Since Thursday's U.S. Missile Attack In Syria

New York Times: U.S.-Led Force Reduces Attacks on ISIS in Syria After Airstrike

WASHINGTON — The American-led task force that is battling the Islamic State has sharply reduced airstrikes against the militants in Syria as commanders assess whether Syrian government forces or their Russian allies plan to respond to the United States’ cruise missile strike on a Syrian airfield this past week, American officials said.

The precautionary move, revealed in statistics made public by the command on Saturday, was taken as Russian officials have threatened to suspend the communication line the American and Russian militaries use to notify each other about air operations in Syria.

So far, the Russian military does not appear to have taken any threatening actions, such as directing its battlefield radar or air defense systems to confront the Americans, or carrying out aggressive actions in the skies, United States officials said.

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WNU Editor: The U.S.-led coalition is justifiably worried about Syrian or Russian blow-back from Thursday's U.S. missile airstrike on Syria.