Sunday, April 23, 2017

Venezuela In Crisis -- News Updates April 23, 2017

Daily Mail: Violent protests imminent in Venezuela as civilians are urged to block the streets and grind the country to a halt following the weekend's peaceful protest in Caracas over riots that left 20 dead

* Demonstrators took to the streets to honour the 20 people who have died in clashes over the last month
* The weekend's protest saw demonstrators march towards the city's slums for the first time in Venezuela
* Marchers in Caracas did not encounter any resistance from law enforcers, according to reports in Venezuela
* But on Monday, civilians are being urged by the government's opposition to wreak havoc on Caracas' streets

After a peaceful protest on the weekend went uncontested by Venezuelan authorities, civilians are poised to ramp up their demonstrations on Monday.

Thousands of protesters dressed in white marched into the west of Venezuela's capital on Saturday- an act likened to 'crossing the Berlin Wall' - in reaction to the deaths of 20 people during anti-government riots.

Three weeks of constant protests have involved violent clashes between the people of Caracas and riot police, and after a short respite over the weekend, things look set to turn ugly once more.

Civilians are being urged by the opposition to the government to flood the streets and block off the roads in order to grind the country to a halt.

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WNU Editor: The formation of these groups is what will probably (in the end) push Venezuela to the edge of revolution .... Armed Civilian Bands in Venezuela Prop Up Unpopular President (New York Times).

Venezuela In Crisis -- News Updates April 23, 2017

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