Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Venezuelan President Maduro Wants A 500,000 Armed Militia

Raul Stolk, Daily Beast: In Venezuela, a Rebellion Is Taking Shape, but Where Can It End?

The unrest of recent weeks weakens the Maduro regime by the day, but it’s far from clear what can replace it, or how.

Hugo Chávez left some very hard shoes to fill for his successor, Nicolás Maduro. Not because the shoes were malodorous or had holes in them, which they do, but because they required certain talents President Maduro just doesn’t have and will not acquire in whatever time he’s got left in office.

Chávez’s showmanship, his ability both to dictate and distract, was unparalleled—skills that would come in handy now that brutal clashes between government security forces and protesters are gaining momentum in Venezuela, and as the world points at the Maduro administration for breaking the constitutional order.

Last week was, for Maduro, an unmitigated disaster.

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WNU Editor: When you rule against the will of the people .... it never ends well. Here is an easy prediction .... its not going to end well in Venezuela.

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RussInSoCal said...

"Venezuelan President Maduro Wants A 500,000 Armed Militia". I'll bet he does.

/maybe he'll call it the "National Civilian Service Corps"

James said...

"National Civilian Service Corps", pretty good name. Heh. Their motto?
Maybe "We're here for the service" or "No behind left in dissent"............or just maybe "Badges? We don't no stinking badges!"

Caecus said...

Socialism dies again.

Aizino Smith said...

Brasil & Columbia will intervene.

Ecuador and Bolivia will cry foul and make noises.

If the noises made by Evil Morales are sufficiently belligerent Brasil will lean on Bolivia.