Tuesday, April 25, 2017

White House To Host U.S. Senate For Classified Briefing On North Korea

Reuters: Entire U.S. Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing

Top Trump administration officials will hold a rare briefing on Wednesday at the White House for the entire U.S. Senate on the situation in North Korea.

All 100 senators have been asked to the White House for the briefing by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Monday.

While administration officials routinely travel to Capitol Hill to address members of Congress on foreign policy matters, it is unusual for the entire Senate to go to the White House, and for all four of those officials to be involved.

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WNU Editor: Phone conversations with Chinese President Xi and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Sudan night. U.S. military assets being positioned near North Korea. A massive terror drill exercise to be held in Washington DC this Wednesday. And now this White House briefing for the entire US Senate on North Korea. Bottom line .... this can't be good.

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Anonymous said...

These morons want a war and will look for any excuse. They're hoping to deflect all the problems the petulant man/child Trump has.

WADE QUEEN said...

Do not forget a nuclear attack exercise on New York City, dubbed "Operation Gotham Shield" wraps up on the same day Wednesday as all the DC stuff tomorrow

fazman said...

Does the lid not need to put back on the genies lamp ?

Aizino Smith said...


david gould said...

If I die I hope I go to heaven.

fazman said...

Australian Prime minister malcolm turnball suddenly meeting trump in newyork next week, so mmmmmmm?