Friday, April 21, 2017

World News Briefs -- April 21, 2017

The eleven French presidential election candidates take part in a special political television show entitled '15min to Convince' at the studios of French Television channel France 2 in Saint-Cloud, near Paris, April 20, 2017. REUTERS/Martin Bureau/Pool

Reuters: Security dominates French election after shooting

The killing of a policeman by a suspected Islamist militant pushed national security to the top of the French political agenda on Friday, two days before the presidential election, with leading candidates clashing over how to keep citizens safe.

With the first round of voting in the two-stage election to take place on Sunday, far-right leader Marine Le Pen, an anti-EU politician who wants to ditch the euro, seized on the Paris shooting to push her policies on national security.

Le Pen - narrowly trailing frontrunner Emmanuel Macron in opinion polls - said she would take steps to beat "Islamist terrorism" if elected, including introducing tougher immigration and border controls.

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Syria evacuees on move again after 48-hour delay. Evacuations from besieged Syrian towns end after two-day halt.

'Assad blames ex Al-Qaeda affiliate for bombing evacuees'.

Assad still possesses chemical weapons: James Mattis. Mattis: 'No doubt' Syrian regime has chemical weapons.

Trump raps Iran as violating 'spirit' of nuclear deal.

Iran FM mocks US claims it is violating nuclear deal.

Ahmadinejad barred from re-running for Iran presidency. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 'disqualified' from Iran elections. Iran bars Ahmadinejad from re-running for president.

Qatari hunters kidnapped in Iraq freed after 16 months.

Kuwaiti opposition leader freed from prison.


Taliban kill at least eight Afghan soldiers in base attack. Taliban kills eight soldiers at army HQ in northern Afghanistan.

Hundreds of Baloch rebels surrender to Pakistan govt.

Nervous about China, Southeast Asia gets Trump's attention with Pence in Indonesia.

Russian navy visits Philippines as Duterte tightens ties with US foes.

Philippine fishermen accuse China of firing on vessel.

Pakistan court extends PM Nawaz Sharif corruption probe.

Indonesia military threatens news site after coup story.

MH370: New analysis reiterates plane's likely location.

China launches its first unmanned cargo spacecraft.


Kenyan forces say 52 al Shabaab fighters killed in Somalia.

Boko Haram kills eight Nigerian soldiers, loots army base.

Egyptian Army accused of extrajudicial killings in leaked video. Egyptian soldiers accused of killing unarmed Sinai men in leaked video.

South Sudan fighting forces 100,000 to flee, says U.N.

US rejects Italy's request to help stabilize Libya. Donald Trump remarks raise fears of US disengagement in Libya.

Fewer migrants are crossing Niger for Libya: IOM.

Twenty killed in school minibus crash in South Africa.


Prosecutors open terror investigation into Paris attack.

Paris shooting: France enlists elite soldiers to guard election booths in wake of fatal attack on police. French police tighten election security after Paris shooting.

French candidates halt campaigns; Le Pen calls for border controls.

EU has no 'Plan B' if French voters deliver upset.

British PM May says June election result 'not certain'.

Gunman attacks regional Russian security service office, kills two: FSB.

Trump, Italy's Gentiloni talk trade, security matters.

German soccer bomb suspect wanted to profit on stocks: prosecutor.


Trump says media won't give him credit for his accomplishments.

Reports: US preparing charges against Assange, WikiLeaks. Arresting Julian Assange is a priority, says US attorney general Jeff Sessions.

Death toll in Venezuelan protests reaches nine.

Venezuela opposition plans silent procession, road sit-ins.

Venezuela's Maduro blames mobile firm over protests.

Retired military leaders urge Trump to engage with Cuba.

Toronto to impose 15% tax on foreign home buyers to regulate housing costs.


Over 30,000 militants from 100 countries join ISIS, Al Qaeda.

Trump administration may change rules that allow terror victims to immigrate to U.S..

Orphaned baby of Islamic State's caliphate trapped in prison.


Trump launches investigation into steel dumping.

Global finance leaders find a more temperate Trump in Washington.

As Mideast looks past oil, spotlight shines on entrepreneurs.

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