Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates May 9, 2017

Reuters: Iraqi forces chip away at last Islamic State-held districts in Mosul

Fly-blown corpses of Islamic State militants (IS) littered the streets of a district in Mosul on Tuesday as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces chipped away at the last remaining handful of districts under the jihadists' control.

Seven months into the campaign to recapture Iraq's second largest city, government forces say it is now in its final phase after opening a new front in the northwest of Mosul last week and gaining ground in several districts there.

Trapped in a shrinking area with no way out, the ultra hardline Sunni militants are hitting back with a barrage of suicide car bombs and snipers hidden among hundreds of thousands of civilians they are effectively holding hostage.

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Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates May 9, 2017

Iraq forces make swift progress in west Mosul -- AFP
Iraqi forces clash with ISIS on new Mosul frontline -- NRT
Iraqi forces launch wide scale offensive against ISIS northwest of Mosul -- RUDAW
Iraqi forces take over western Mosul’s 30 Tamuz district -- Iraqi News
Iraqi forces close in on Mosul with bit-by-bit push -- Xinhuanet
Islamic State leader in west Mosul killed in airstrike -- UPI
100 ISIS militants killed in aerial bombardments in western Iraq, says army -- NRT
Iraq secures highway to Syria to curb Islamic State attacks -- UPI
WATCH: A deeper look into ISIS tunnels in Mosul -- Al Arabiya
Iraqi cities see terror attacks as Mosul offensive draws to end -- NRT
Civilians complicate final phase of Mosul campaign: U.S. commander -- Reuters
435,000 displaced from Iraq’s Mosul since February: UN -- Hindustan Times
U.N.: 435.000 Iraqis displaced since start of western Mosul operations -- Iraqi News
Mosul victory in sight -- at a cost -- Ben Wedeman, CNN

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