Tuesday, May 2, 2017

China Demands South Korea Halt The Deployment Of The THAAD Missile Defense System

Daily Mail: China demands an 'immediate' halt to Trump's controversial US anti-missile system set up on a South Korean golf course after Seoul said it can now defend against Kim's missiles

* Geng Shuang, China's foreign spokesman, launched attack on THAAD system
* Said Beijing will 'take necessary measures' to defend against the missile battery
* China fears the weapon's powerful radar will be used to spy on their military
* Mr Geng's comments came just hours after the battery became operational

China has demanded an 'immediate' halt to the deployment of a controversial US missile system in South Korea just hours after it became operational.

Beijing threatened to 'take necessary measures to uphold our interests' after the THAAD missile battery came online on a golf course in the county of Seongju.

Washington and Seoul believe the billion-dollar defense system is necessary to protect citizens after repeated North Korean missile tests, but China fears its powerful radar system will be used to spy on them.

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Steven Krische said...

Given the chance we will surround China with missile defense just like we did with Russia. Using any pretext to install and expand it.

Anonymous said...

Oh you mean pretext when north Korea not only threatened the US, and Japan, and south Korea and Australia with all out war, or the time when they made and broadcasted these videos of Washington engulfed in nuclear flames? Oh or do you refer to that funny pretext when they had their classical music team compose a symphony of destruction while displaying similar videos about the annihilation of the US and people cheering? Not sure which one you mean, there's so many to pick from. Foolish Americans. .always want to live. ..should just take one for the team

fazman said...

Right on!

fazman said...

Right on!