Sunday, May 14, 2017

China Promotes Globalisation And Free Trade At New 'Silk Road' Summit

The Guardian: China's Xi lays out $900bn Silk Road vision amid claims of empire-building

Global leaders attend ‘Belt and Road’ infrastructure summit to praise plan Xi Jinping says will bring a new ‘golden age’ of globalisation

Chinese president Xi Jinping has kicked off a two-day showcase of what some call the most ambitious development project ever by comparing his country to a peace-loving explorer set on transforming the world with treasure-laden galleys not warships, guns or swords.

Speaking at the start of a high-profile summit about China’s “Belt and Road initiative”, Xi hailed his multi-billion dollar infrastructure crusade as a means of building a modern-day version of the ancient Silk Road and a new “golden age” of globalisation.

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WNU Editor: India is raining on the parade .... but their objections are valid about the debt burden that countries will be assuming if they accept the Chinese offer ..... India skips China's Silk Road summit, warns of 'unsustainable' debt (Reuters).

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