Friday, May 26, 2017

Declassified Memos: The FBI Leaked And Shared Spy Intercepts On Americans To Outside Parties

REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

John Solomon and Sara Carter, Circa: Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties

The FBI has illegally shared raw intelligence about Americans with unauthorized third parties and violated other constitutional privacy protections, according to newly declassified government documents that undercut the bureau’s public assurances about how carefully it handles warrantless spy data to avoid abuses or leaks.

In his final congressional testimony before he was fired by President Trump this month, then-FBI Director James Comey unequivocally told lawmakers his agency used sensitive espionage data gathered about Americans without a warrant only when it was “lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked.”

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Update: More Revelations On How The NSA Routinely Violated Privacy Protections During The Obama Administration (May 23, 2017)

WNU Editor: On top of obtaining a lot of declassified memos, someone has been feeding Circa in the past few weeks with with a lot of embarrassing and disturbing information on how Americans were put under surveillance during the Obama administration. But what is even more revealing is that no one in the White House, former Obama officials, and the Congress .... are denying any of it. As for the main stream media .... complete silence.

Update: Speaking of the FBI .... FBI won’t provide Comey memos to Congress yet (Politico). The FBI is saying that they must consult Robert Mueller before releasing the memos to Congress .... so when is the FBI going to call the special counsel to get his A-OK? Something tells me that they are not going to call him or be very accommodating .... especially since there are now growing demands that the FBI releases all of Comey's memos .... not only those relating to his meetings with Trump, but also with former AG Loretta Lynch, as well as with President Obama and Hillary Clinton. In the end .... I do think all of these memos will eventually be made public, and I also suspect that many people will be disappointed when they learn that there really is nothing there.


Anonymous said...

there will be something there with Clinton/Lynch

Aizino Smith said...

"As for the main stream media .... complete silence."

That memo is out in the alternate press.

Shock: Complete MSM News Blackout on NSA Illegal Spying Bombshell

Question is will a NYT readers like Fred read it? If he does, will he just reboot or will he go into a nirvanic trance after reciting a few mantras?

Aizino Smith said...

" I also suspect that many people will be disappointed when they learn that there really is nothing there."

"I’ve said all along that there’s not gonna be a smoking gun linking Obama to this. There doesn’t need to be. These people were going to the White House to keep them informed. I guarantee you Flax wasn’t getting instructions. She might have been getting some guidelines, but listen to her and Lerner talking back and forth to each other. They knew what they wanted to do. They didn’t have to be told, given orders by anybody to go do this. It’s who they are. And our side simply doesn’t seem able to appreciate exactly what they have been and are up against. " - Rush

The gist is:

Obama picked them for the position, because he knew and they knew they he knew that they knew what to do.

They do not have to be given explicit instructions. They are fellow travelers. They virtue signal each other. When they are given an office they know what to do, If there is a dust up they often cover for each other depending on the political cost, the political capital in reserve and their standing within the cause.

Jay Farquharson said...


Trading liberty for security doesn't seem to have worked out all that well for Americans,


Aizino Smith said...

I was talking about Democrat embeds in the bureaucracy. The leakers; the water carriers; the hacks that carry out bad policy.

The story was about spying on America during the Obama 8 years.

Jay was talking about how smart he was and laughing at his own shit.

It seems as though Britain and German do the same sort of spying. One may ask which country does not spy thus?

Maybe Canada it does not have much of a military. It has something like 4 subs and 1 of those is laid up.

If Canada is not spying like its European cousins, it is because they do not have a budget.