Monday, May 1, 2017

Did President Trump Hint That The US May Be Sabotaging North Korea's Missile Program?

Photo: CBS/Face The Nation

Business Insider: Trump hints that the US may be sabotaging North Korea's nuclear program

It happened again — a North Korean missile launch exploded in the air, over land, just a few minutes after launching on Friday.

While North Korea can still learn a lot from a failed missile test and use those lessons to advance their program, they've failed to demonstrate capability with missile types the US perfected in the 1970s — and cyber espionage may be to blame.

Asked about North Korea's unsuccessful missile test by CBS' John Dickerson on "Face the Nation" on Sunday, President Donald Trump refused to address whether or not the US had anything to do with the rogue nation's missile failures.

"I'd rather not discuss it. But perhaps they're just not very good missiles," said Trump. Pressed further on possible US sabotage of North Korea's missiles, Trump did not deny it. "I just don't want to discuss it."

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WNU Editor: I did not get that impression at all (full interview here).


Anonymous said...

It's the equivalent of click bait, masking behind "serious" journalism. Anything Trump sales because people want the spectacle, the controversy and run their mouth off. Unlike the bloggers and commentators here, of course :)

James said...

I am quite proud of my babbling. I feel I uphold a consistent standard of nonsense. Now where is that armchair. Heh.

Anonymous said...

The annoying bit is really that the previously serious media is no longer credible when they do stories like this. And thereby they help Trump. It's like crying wolf too often. No one will believe them anymore when Trump actually does something wrong.
Also, let's not forget the Media hype that gave Trump a $2bn worth of air time. He didn't manipulate the media. The media sold the outrage, because Hillary was so boring.
They sold themselves, and handed him the election. To then have more outcry.

Same thing happening in France now. The guy is leading by what, 20%? And they cover her much much more. Why? Because she's right wing! Outrage! Let's cover her even more. While everyone forgets what the perfectly good candidate is about. The media will mess it up again, because outrage sells more than solid approaches. And then they'll cover Ms. President and all the disasterous things she does. Sigh.