Monday, May 8, 2017

Editor's Note: State of Emergency Has Been Declared In My City Of Montreal

CNN: Montreal declares state of emergency over flooding

(CNN)Montreal's mayor has declared a state of emergency as rising flood waters threaten dikes and breakwaters and force residents from their homes in parts of Canada's Quebec province.

About 1,200 military personnel have been deployed to support emergency services responding to the flooding.

In a statement on Sunday announcing the 48-hour state of emergency, the city of Montreal said forecasts suggested that the situation would not be short-lived.

Environment Canada was warning that water levels in the Rivière des Prairies were expected to rise by 20 centimeters overnight, weakening dikes, breakwaters and dams set up in key areas to prevent water infiltration, the statement said.

At least 180 homes had been evacuated, the city said, and the Red Cross was providing shelter to those residents forced out.

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Update: City of Montreal declares state of emergency from flooding (Reuters)

WNU Editor: I am OK. My home faces the river .... but I am on a hill. Left Montreal by train yesterday to see a dance competition by the GF's daughter in Ontario. I saw the flooding first hand .... and when coming back our train was stopped because the water level was only two feet below the bridge that the train uses to cross the river to enter Montreal. They let us through after a 30 minute delay (we were lucky), but since then the bridges have been closed.


Ruben Acosta said...

Stay safe and thank you for your work!

Carl said...

Ditto. I refer to your blog regularly in the course of my work.