Thursday, May 25, 2017

EU President President Tusk: No Common Ground With President Trump On Key Issues Like Russia, Climate Change, Brexit, And Trade

AFP: EU's Tusk says no 'common position' on Russia with Trump

European Union president Donald Tusk said talks with US President Donald Trump on Thursday revealed no "common position" on Russia, a subject on which the US leader faces pressure at home.

Tusk, along with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, also argued for the benefits of open trade and the Paris climate agreement that Trump is opposed to.

Those issues "remained open", Tusk said, though an EU official said the sides agreed to set up an EU-US task force on trade.

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Anonymous said...

As a European living in Sweden I must say this is the greatest compliment he can get. Most people here hate our politicians and think they ruin our country. I would take Trump every day of the week instead of the leaders we have here (except Oban in Hungary).

Aizino Smith said...

EU president is elected?

If he is, does the vote matter. That is like 4 layers of government.

If 4 works why not 10 or 100?