Saturday, May 6, 2017

F-22s Were Used To Intercept Russian Su-35s Near Alaska For the First Time

The Drive: F-22 Raptors Have Intercepted Russian Su-35s Near Alaska For the First Time

As tensions with the United States persist, Russia sends its most advanced fighter jets to join long-range patrols near Alaska.

Unnderscoring ongoing tensions between the two countries, American F-22 Raptor stealth fighters have intercepted Russian Su-35S Flanker-E fighter jets as they escorted heavy bombers on mission near American air space. For reportedly the first time ever, Russia has added these advanced fighter jets to long-range bomber patrols near Alaska.

On the night of May 3rd, 2017, two Su-35S fighters, without an visible missiles, escorted a pair of Tu-95MS Bear bombers to within 50 miles of Alaska. An A-50 Mainstay radar plane was also in the area at the time, but remained well clear of U.S. territory. Two F-22s quickly flew to meet the incoming Russian planes. Unnamed sources told Fox News, which first reported the incident, that the Raptors were already airborne on patrol near Chariot, Alaska when they were ordered to intercept. The Russian flight may have been spurred by America's massive and highly sensitive Northern Edge exercise that is currently underway in the region.

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Update #1: US F-22s intercept Russian bombers, fighters near Alaska (CNN)
Update #2: Russia Sends Its Most Advanced Fighters to U.S. Coast (Kyle Mizokami, Popular Mechanics)

WNU Editor: This is the fifth fly-by in one month. Hmmmm .... it looks like this is becoming the new normal.


Aizino Smith said...

Just CBDR a few times. The Russkis will go home.

Putin will not act all Kim Kong Un-like.

Fusion said...

Getting the F-22 out and about is always a good thing? ;)

Anonymous said...

They probably saw the Russians coming from a very very long way out, good to get that 5th gen out and about for sure, Im betting everyone involved in the f22 program is just itching to let the thing do what it can do

Aizino Smith said...


Aizino Smith said...


Accidents happen

Could get expensive

fazman said...

Su35 are a very very dangerous plane in the hands of an experienced pilot.