Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Female Cadets At This Year's Russian Victory Day Parade (Video)

Sputnik: Female Cadets Reveal Their Preparation Routine Ahead of V-Day Parade (VIDEO)

A battalion of female cadets in their skimpy uniforms traditionally turned heads as they marched on Moscow’s central Red Square during the Victory Day parade on Tuesday.

“Our no-nonsense instructors never give us a break. During rehearsals some of our girls stand there with small bits of paper in hand reading and memorizing the text,” military university cadet Yelizaveta Shcherbakova told Sputnik.

When their gold braids are all in place, the girls put on mascara and white gloves. Still, no matter how impeccable they may look, their commanding officers always find a nit to pick.

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WNU Editor: They increased the contingent for this year's parade 4x from last year. This is what I call a positive trend. :)

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Aizino Smith said...

Talk show host was very complimentary about the sartorial excellence of the female Russian uniform.

They also said that they could be bought on eBay. If people are willing to buy them out side of the military, they must be somewhat to very good.