Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Former Russian Defence Ministry Spokesman: 'Russia Is Burying Nuclear Weapons Off The Coast Of America'

Viktor Baranetz, a former Russian colonel and defense ministry spokesman, claimed Russia has planted sleeper nukes off the coast of America that could be used to trigger a tsunami

Daily Mail: Putin is planting deep-sea 'mole nukes' near the US capable of causing a TSUNAMI, Russian military expert claims

* Viktor Baranetz, former colonel, revealed ways Russia tries to outsmart the US
* He alleged that Russia is sinking 'sleeper' nukes off the coast of America
* In the event of war the bombs will detonate and trigger a tsunami, he claimed
* Baranetz also said Putin has nukes that cannot be tracked using their trajectory

A former Russian colonel and defense ministry spokesman claims Putin is burying 'sleeper' nukes off the coast of America.

Viktor Baranetz said that in the event of a war, the bombs would be detonated and cause a tsunami that would wipe out much of the coastal US.

Baranetz admitted there is no way for Russia to outspend America on defense, so the military is forced to go to extreme lengths to make sure they come out on top.

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Update: Putin is planting 'mole nukes' in the sea to drown America in huge tsunami, Russian claims (Yahoo News)

WNU Editor: WTF?!?!?!


RussInSoCal said...

Good grief.

fazman said...

About as probable as using nukes to wake godzilla.

Anonymous said...

Well with proper 50-100MT tsar bombs exploding in a chain and very close to the coast you could actually do a mini tsunami. However. ..I doubt this is the case. The US would find out and pretty much immediately work on a strike plan

Anonymous said...

I do believe that this and similiar ideas has been proposed, but wouls theu really gain anything by this and is the risk of the nuke being detected worth it? I mean they allready have subs. Of they planted these nukes then it would be for a first strike capabilities. Sorry I dont think this story is true - the idea dont hold up for critical scrutiny

Anonymous said...

They could serve a few purposes ...lets just play with the idea, I'll start :)
A. Psychological (images of Tsunami may be easier to grasp for our brains, perhaps)
B. Complimentary - could be combined with other method(s) of attack(s)
C. Enhancing options of warfare - sometimes flooding is better than air or ground burst (radiation difference would come to mind)
D. Non-delivery: would not have to be delivered by plane, missile etc in the event of attack
E. Might be harder to detect than we think: maybe would require some shielding technology or underground drilling and hiding underneath suited bedrock, therefore requiring the US to search for needle in a haystack under maybe thousands of meters of water and maybe hundreds of feet of solid rock
F. If set in chains might trigger earthquake and thus some effect might be immediate
G. Dead man's switch: they can each or all be primed to go off at certain date(s) unless Putin/Russia alive to reset
H. Might compliment a triad thinking with a new method of delivery... Aside from space of course ;)

Anonymous said...

One more came to mind but not sure if realistic: could be made look like a natural disaster for a few moments if at east coast where a major EQ is overdue ....this confusion might be enough time to cause decision delay for counter strike
Oh and one last one: might be a feature for a Michael Bay movie