Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's Childhood Home Burned By Protesters

Press Association/Daily Mail: Hugo Chavez´s childhood home burned by anti-government protesters in Venezuela

Protesters have set late president Hugo Chavez’s childhood home in western Venezuela on fire, an opposition legislator said, as protests against the nation’s socialist government grew increasingly hostile.

Demonstrators lit the house – in the city of Barinas, where Mr Chavez spent his early years – aflame along with several government buildings, including the regional office of the National Electoral Council, said Pedro Luis Castillo, who represents the area.

The burnings capped a violent day in Barinas - known as the cradle of Mr Chavez’s socialist revolution - during which protesters clashed with national guardsmen, businesses were closed and roads blocked with fire-filled barricades.

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Update: Lawmaker: Hugo Chavez's childhood home burned by protesters -- McClatchy News/AP

WNU Editor: When protesters start desecrating or destroying childhood homes of former leaders .... that is when you know the country has reached the tipping point. Venezuela is at that tipping point right now.


Andrew Jackson said...

Burn the Bolshevik demons!!!!

Caecus said...

Imagine the media frenzy if it wasn't a socialist government

Young Communist said...

Those are not common protesters, but criminals payed by opposition and enemies of Venezuela.