Monday, May 29, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron: Donald Trump Handshake A 'Moment Of Truth'

The Guardian: Emmanuel Macron: my handshake with Trump was 'a moment of truth'

French president says his white-knuckle prolonged handshake with US counterpart was designed to show he’s no pushover

As handshakes go, it was unusually intense: a fierce and protracted mano a mano of white knuckles, crunched bones, tightened jaws and fixed smiles that sent the internet and the world’s media into a spin.

It was also, Emmanuel Macron has revealed, entirely intentional. At his first major appearance on the world stage, the 39-year-old French president displayed a relaxed confidence and steely purpose that altogether belied his youth and inexperience.

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WNU Editor: France has had multiple terror attacks in the past two years. The economy is stagnant. There is chronic unemployment. And France is nowhere near on handling the massive flow of migrants into the country. And the main news item that the new French President wants everyone to know is ..... his handshake with President Trump. And now they are touting the "second hand-shake" .... Touché! How President 'violently pulled his French counterpart towards him' after that power play during first meeting (Daily Mail).

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RussInSoCal said...

And I'm sure Macron's hand was soft and supple. Good grief. The Euroweenies are obsessed with out-macho'ing Trump.

fred lapides said...

It is called tit for think you can dominate me, no way...Trump's little tricks got called..nice you are so Make Am Grate again

D.Plowman said...

When you're in politics, the appearance game is everything. How you come across. How you treat with other diplomatic officials.

Yes - Europe, not just France, is experiencing a wave of terror attacks. And it is a sad day when the hand-shake takes focus.

But, appearances are everything in politics. And when you are as controversial as Trump, every little 'tell' will be analyzed and reported.

Anonymous said...

The French state obituary is published ad nauseum in the North American press.

These obits are written, in large part, by people who cannot abide the French system that provides an amazingly high quality of life.

As an American, I have never seen a fraction of quality of life in the U.S. that I have experienced during my extended trips to France.

Imagine, health care and cultural opportunities for free or low cost even in the most humble hamlet. Doctors that visit you at home! Roads that are actually paved and not crumbling. Food that is the envy of the world. Thoughtful well educated people. Oh the humanity!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if the French are worrying that their system has either died or is at the brink for the 30 years I have read of their imminent demise?

On my next vacation I will bring the comments of the Editor over to them and discuss their tragic state at every opportunity.

Jay Farquharson said...


Trump's even more pathetic when you look at his line stunt:

War News Updates Editor said...

Dear Anon.
I speak french ... albeit I live in Quebec.
I have visited France countless of times .... including living there for a few months here and there.
I have countless friends who are from France who live in Quebec, and countless friends who are in France.
I would appreciate you listing all the wonderful regions that you as a tourist enjoyed when you did your little trip to France. I for one would like to match it with my visits and stays .... and to see if there is a correlation.

Chase jones said...

Lol coming from a loser im sure all you leftys hurt his feeling so much with your little digs at him. You people are a laughing stock. Losers hating on winners since the beginning of time

Jay Farquharson said...


129 days, tired of all the bigly winning yet,