Monday, May 29, 2017

German Government Continues To Condemn President Trump

CNN: Trump's actions have 'weakened' the West, German foreign minister says

(CNN)Germany's foreign minister launched a scathing criticism of Donald Trump on Monday, claiming the US President's actions have "weakened" the West and accusing the US government of standing "against the interests of the European Union."

Just 24 hours after German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that Europe could no longer completely rely on traditional allies such as the US and Britain, the country's top diplomat, Sigmar Gabriel, went a step further.

"Anyone who accelerates climate change by weakening environmental protection, who sells more weapons in conflict zones and who does not want to politically resolve religious conflicts is putting peace in Europe at risk," Gabriel said.

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WNU Editor: There are serious policy differences between Germany and the U.S.. .... defense commitments, trade imbalances, and climate change being on the top of that list. But as I had mentioned in a previous post .... Germany is in the middle of an election campaign, and being anti-U.S./Trump is being seen by many as an asset. And while some in the German foreign office are now trying to pull-back on these comments .... Merkel spokesman: Germany will keep strengthening ties to US (The Hill). More here .... Angela Merkel still seeking stronger US ties, spokesman says (ABC News Online). The bottom line is simple .... German Chancellor Merkel has made the decision that it serves her interests to continue in being vocal in her public condemnation of President Trump while dragging the rest of Europe into this debate whether some its members like it or not.

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