Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hillary Clinton On Her Election Loss: 'I Was On The Way To Winning'

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton adds misogyny — and more — to the list of things she blames for her 2016 loss

Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she takes "absolute personal responsibility" for her 2016 loss. But she doesn't, really.

Clinton suggested in an interview at a "Women for Women" event in New York that her forthcoming book would include plenty about how misogyny contributed to her loss, adding it to the blame she has assigned to FBI Director James Comey and Russian hacking. And by the end of the interview, she also blamed the debate questions she was asked.

The total picture was of a candidate only adding to the things she blames for her loss rather than truly looking inward. She acknowledged her own flaws, yes, but she also seemed to suggest they were rather inconsequential and at one point appeared to sarcastically dismiss the magnitude of them.

Asked whether misogyny played a role, Clinton said with a wry smile: “The book’s coming out in the fall.”

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WNU Editor: I am surprised that she is still getting news coverage .... I guess she still has her fans. FBI Director Comey and Wikileaks did damage her chances of winning the election .... just as the overwhelmingly negative media coverage of Donald Trump damaged his. But how one overcomes negative news coverage during an election says a lot about the candidate .... and their supporters. In the case of Hillary Clinton .... the reason why she lost is simple .... she fell short.

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Dave Goldstein said...

She lost because she is a clinton.

RussInSoCal said...

Hillary is publishing the book to test the paid speakers market’s appetite for influence peddlers with no influence.

/No word on whether Simon & Schuster paid her another $14 million advance.

Anonymous said...

She Too Stupid

fazman said...

When you refer to millions of Americans as deplorables how do you expect to win.
I mean,Stallone voted for her but he thought she called everyone an Expendable!

Aizino Smith said...

She should be angry.

The election was bought and paid for by the Democratic Party and its allies.

jimbrown said...

Imagine taking a high level not top job anywhere and setting up your own email. Even where there is no classified info. It's mind bogglling what she has gotten away with.

Anonymous said...

If you truly want to be a democrat you have to accept that you will always be a victim...

Anonymous said...

And CNN covers her without asking once about cheating. She got town hall and debate questions passed on not once but twice! This is the hypocrisy and why CNN is no longer my trusted network. And what about the scandal when the DNC clearly worked against Bernie? All three instances are massive manipulations of the democratic process and no word on it. Why did hillary not speak out on getting the questions? She clearly prepped her answers based on the tips. It's cool because it wasn't the Russians doing it (I still want to see evidence in that, CNN: you're yapping for months about collusion and basically engaging in a smear campaign, while ignoring Clinton's misdeeds.. how long can you call yourself honest? )

James said...

She doesn't look good.

TWN said...

Old bag should be in jail. It must gall her she didn't win LOL.