Thursday, May 25, 2017

Is U.S. Intelligence The Leakiest Intelligence Agency In The World?

Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg: The U.S. Intelligence Ship Is Too Leaky To Sail

The U.S. services have lost credibility by becoming the leakiest in the world.

U.K. police investigating the Manchester terror attack say they have stopped sharing information with the U.S. after a series of leaks that have so angered the British government that Prime Minister Therese May wants to discuss them with President Donald Trump during a North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting in Brussels. What can Trump tell her, though? The leaks drive him nuts, too.

Since the beginning of this century, the U.S. intelligence services and their clients have acted as if they wanted the world to know they couldn't guarantee the confidentiality of any information that falls into their hands. At this point, the culture of leaks is not just a menace to intelligence-sharing allies. It's a threat to the intelligence community's credibility.

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WNU Editor: From NSA leaker Edward Snowden .... to the avalanche of leaks last year on candidate Donald Trump .... followed by the explosion of leaks with his election .... and now British police refusing to work with U.S. intelligence .... the failure of the intelligence community to keep secrets has to be one of President Trump's top concerns. My prediction .... I will not be surprised if in the coming weeks a huge effort will be made to investigate and identify those who are leaking, and to prosecute them. I will also not be surprised that for the next FBI Director .... this will be his top priority and a complete reversal of former FBI Director James Comey's approach to this problem.

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